5 Practical Renovation Ideas for Small Basements

Small basement renovation ideas are hard to find because most magazine and home renovation programs feature large open spaces that make us dream of a million possibilities, however, most of us have small spaces to renovate on a budget. So here are 5 ideas to inspire you.

Basement Remodel Ideas

1. What’s above the space you wish to renovate? Ask yourself this question because sometimes it’s possible to open a sort of skylight by removing a small area of the upper floor and placing glass blocks or some transparent material to give light down below. If opening an area isn’t possible, it’s still a good question to ask because if there’s a bathroom or kitchen above, you can more easily add a small kitchen or shower below the same area without too much structural change.

2. Think backwards for a moment, if you want a spare bedroom in the basement but you have a laundry room upstairs, perhaps you should consider changing your plan. Small basements are not great places for bedrooms, but they can be lovely laundry rooms with storage. Convert your upstairs laundry area, that might even have a window, into the spare bedroom and make the basement a separate area for washing and ironing.

3. Stop tying to cram all the basement remodel ideas you’ve ever seen into one space. Simplify. What is most lacking in your home? Pick ONE: A shower, a tub, an office, a children’s play room or an entertainment room. Do not put all of them in one basement. One or two. A bathroom shower and a playroom can be combined but an office cannot be mixed with a play area or an entertainment area for adults unless you have lots of space to separate them. So Choose.

4. Small basement renovation ideas should never include adding walls. If you need to divide a space, use glass or half solid and half glass, or divide with movable dividers. Do not build walls.

5. The worst basement remodel ideas seal off the basement from the rest of the house. Unless you are creating a basement suite for rental purposes, don’t make the mistake of putting a solid door on the basement and shutting it off from the upstairs. Put in a French door or a glass panel to let in light from above. And why not leave the door off completely!

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