High End Bathroom Accessories

After a high end bathroom remodel it is important that you put the icing on the cake(so to speak), with choosing the proper bathroom accessories.  Many people spend multiple thousands of dollars making everything just perfect in their bathroom, then go to the local Home Depot and purchase off the shelf accessories that just are not unique or high end enough to go in the modern bathroom remodel.

With the drastic cuts in today’s economy things have changes, the big box stores shelf space is at a premium and with remodeling and house sales down the big stores like Lowes and Home Depot are not carrying anywhere near the amount of products they usually carry.

Fixture Universe is one of the most respected online retailer that carries many high end, unique bathroom accessories and bathroom accessory sets, if you are only looking for fairly standard accessory sets then you can check out Amazon.com.  They also have fairly reasonable prices as well.  You can also do a Google shopping search to make sure you are getting the best price on the item you are looking to purchase.

Toilet Seats

You should have more than just a plain toilet seat, they make many types of novelty toilet seats as well as high end ones that have automatic close and slow close mechanisms.  If you have an elongated toilet, like most high end bathrooms have make sure you look at elongated toilet seats.

Towel Holders

Higher end towel holders are never plastic, they are generally metal or made from a ceramic. They simply look better and hold up better.

Robe Hooks

Robe hooks need to match the rest of your bath accessories, generally they go on the back of the bathroom door so when the door is open nobody sees them. They are not the most important accessory in your bathroom.

Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders should be bought in a kit that match your towel holders and bathroom shower curtain.

Bathroom Scales

See through bathroom scales are most popular now, you can find a large selection on Amazon.com

Shower Curtain Rings

These are often forgotten pieces of a high end bathroom, they should have the same finish as the rest of your accessories and have some type of design to them.

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