Best Plants For Desert Landscape Designs

Desert landscapes do not have to be a bore to the eyes. Homeowners living in the desert have many options in desert landscape designs even though there are some restrictions. With any landscape you must pay attention to your environment and living in the desert it is particularly important to choose appropriate plants for the desert environment.

When buying plants for desert landscaping it is important to choose plants that are drought proof, plants that love the sun, and plants that can live in rocky areas or poor soil. Most homeowners buy plants based solely on looks which any residential landscape designer will tell you is a mistake. See some of the best plants for desert environments below.

These plants are perfect for desert landscape designs lacking color. These colorful flowers come in many shades and have a fragrance that attracts butterflies. They have attractive foliage made of thick, substantial stems and leaves. Some of the most popular types of Sedums are Matrona, Autumn Joy, and Angelina. Autumn Joy and Matrona Sedums grow about 2 feet high and 2 feet wide, while the Angelina Sedum is more of a ground covering plant lays low against the ground.

Longwood Bluebeard
This plant will also brighten up dull desert landscape designs. It has lovely blue flower clusters and stunning silvery colored foliage. The plant is a fragrant deciduous shrub that grows about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

This is the most commonly used desert plant in the book. Like all desert plants, it is drought proof, loves the sun, and can live in extremely poor soil. It is an incredibly self-sufficient plant that comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Cast Iron

This plant is just as tough as its name. The drought proof plant can withstand high heat, rocky areas, and tough soil conditions. It is a shapely plant with dynamic sword-like leaf shapes that add interest to the look of desert landscape designs.

Pine Trees
If you are looking for a tree that is out of the norm for a desert area then check out pine trees. They actually thrive magnificently in the desert because they have a naturally deep root structure making it easy for the plants to dig deep into the earth if they need more water. They are rarely seen in desert landscapes even though they can survive through the tough conditions. In any case, they make excellent additions to desert landscape designs.

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